Our in-house designers provide support for all of our museum and exhibit projects. We have been developing marketing and fundraising tools for our clients for over 20 years, ranging from brochures, mailers, websites and interactive products to promotional videos and virtual tours to further our clients’ marketing and fundraising efforts. We can provide just about anything our clients need efficiently, economically and effectively in-house. The majority of our clients are museums and non-profits who depend on our design products as a key part of their fundraising efforts. Strategies for focusing these products so they are directed at their target audiences are integrated into our thinking at the start of the project. Our experience identifying and understanding audiences and working with stakeholders helps us ensure that our marketing products are effective and resonate with their intended target audience. 

Our graphics professionals are well versed in the integration of graphics into interactive media working with complex layered information systems. Our marketing work has often focused on projects where strong interpretive content is integral to the brand. We work with our clients to consider and understand their content from the inside out. We have to “get it” to do great work. And that’s what we strive to do.